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When it comes to resume writing, there tends to be an over influx of services and resume writers whom claim to understand the nuances and intricacies that are required to create a resume.

However, oftentimes, these claims are exaggerated or falsely advertised.

That is why we are going to review the best resume writers in Athens, Georgia and provide a recommendation on which resume service and writer you should go with in Athens, Georgia.

What Makes a Great Resume?

Resume writing is more of an art-form than other editorial and writing services.

Whereas other writing services can be written in a passive style, a resume should be written in an engaging and passionate manner.

Your written resume should not only reflect your unique education, experience, and skills, but should also express your personality and showcase your chronological progression in your career.

One of the main components to resume writing is to address, directly, the keywords which are posted in the job posting and description.

This will not only indicate a level of experience and knowledge to the hiring manager but will also help you to bypass the applicant tracking system (ATS) which so many companies and businesses have implemented.

In addition, when it comes to creating a great resume, whether in Athens, Georgia or New York City, you will want to create one that mimics the resumes in your given industry.

Keeping your resume to under a page in length, concise, and to the point will also help you to achieve greater success in your job search.

Lastly, you will want to keep your resume professional.

This means that you should avoid unnecessary colors, maintain a uniform font and font size, and avoid the use of pictures.

Choosing the correct margin size will also help you to ensure your resume is less than one-page in total length.

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What Makes a Great Resume Writer?

When it comes to hiring a great resume writer in Athens, Georgia, you should look for resume writers with experience.

Unfortunately, resume writing tends to be a market which can be oversaturated with newcomers and individuals who do not appreciate the intricacies which go into creating a resume which converts.

At The Corporate Connoisseur, we have a unique selection of Career Services which we guarantee will convert in your job search quest.

What do we mean by convert?

Quite simply, these are Career Service which are created to get your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile noticed.

On average, more than 52 people apply for a single open job posting.

With such a stiff amount of competition, applicants must ensure that their applications are completely buttoned-up.

This leaves little to no room for error, as an error on your resume or cover letter could cost you a job opportunity.

However, a great resume writer will not only understand the intricacies and nuances needed to create a great resume.

Rather, they will understand that you are the subject matter of the resume.

Therefore, a great resume writer doesn’t only concentrate on the resume but creates the resume with an intimate and personal knowledge of the subject of the resume, you.

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Career Services at The Corporate Connoisseur

At The Corporate Connoisseur, our team of resume writers works directly with you to create a resume which expresses your uniqueness, experience, and qualifications.

Our Career Services are geared towards creating a seamless, efficient, and simple process for you.

While more time intensive, we understand that writing a great resume requires a personal knowledge of the resume subject and applicant.

That’s why we begin all our resume services by conducting a pre-services discussion.

This is where we discuss your current career, your career goals, and your personal and professional accomplishments.

By conducting a pre-services discussion, we are able to ensure that your professionally written resume is customized and unique to your experience, personality, and career goals.

This resume will not only help you to appear more professional in your job search but will also help to convert any applications you complete.


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Why Hire a Resume Writer in Athens, Georgia?

When it comes to the best resume writers in Athens, Georgia, it is important to understand why it is so important to hire a resume writer.

Whether you’re in Stone Mountain, Georgia or Los Angeles or Chicago or Atlanta, you will want to take every advantage available to you to get your resume and application noticed and moved forward in the hiring process.

This means that your resume should be professional, modern, and free of errors and typos.

However, to really ensure that your resume and cover letter converts, you should establish a relationship with a professional resume writer.

Professional resume writers, including those at The Corporate Connoisseur, will not only be able to re-work your resume and cover letter but will be able to ensure that you display your professional and personal experiences and accomplishments in a manner that is easily understood and modern in design and style.

Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance!

Our Career Services will provide you with a clean, minimalist resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile at an affordable price!

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Michelle Dawson

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I worked with Samantha on my resume and she really knew her stuff.

Thank you!

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Adam Spektor

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Why Hire The Corporate Connoisseur?

We obviously believe we are the best resume writers in Athens, Georgia, but would like to convey to you why we think that.

We understand resume – our resume and Career Services team has written thousands of resumes.

We understand resumes and resume writing and what is needed to make a great one.

We understand hiring managers – our resume and Career Services team has multiple years and decades of experience as hiring managers, recruiters, headhunters, and human resource professionals.

We understand what it takes to get your resume and application if front of those business decision makers.

We understand you – our resume and Career Services team will work with you individually and on a one-on-one basis to ensure that your accomplishments, personality, and uniqueness shine through on your resume and cover letter.

Because we know the only thing more important than a resume in an application is the applicant.

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