The Importance of Communication

We all communicate in one-way or another on a daily basis, but do we communicate effectively?

The importance of communication, especially professional communication, cannot be overstated.

Whereas good communication is an important skill in a personal setting, it is integral and necessary in a professional one.

The risk of miscommunication, misunderstandings, and liability increase substantially without proper and effective communication techniques in a professional setting.

The benefits, and importance of, effective communication in a professional setting are exactly the opposite.

Effective and professional communication can promote growth, collaboration, and foster an atmosphere of inclusivity.

By allowing communication which involves and encourages all members, you can encourage team building, rapport, and friendship.

Good Communication Avoids Unnecessary Conflict

While some conflicts and disagreements are necessary and help push a company forward, unnecessary conflict can do the exact opposite.

Many times, these conflicts occur due to an issue with communication or how the information was communicated.

By helping your team and company work on their communication skills, you can help them avoid conflicts and resentment in the future.

Communication techniques typically focus on how you communicate.

These techniques look to position the individual in another person’s shoes and to focus on their delivery.

Good Communication Increases Employee Morale

Employee’s like to be kept abreast of company developments.

While you don’t want to disclose all decisions and happenings, you do want to keep a constant line of open and transparent communication.

Honestly speaking and letting employee’s in on company happenings can be an effective encouragement tool.

No one expects for a company to be perfect or to not have any issues or trouble.

But being communicative on the good and the bad and discussing with them the plan to push through will help build a collaborative and “all hands-on deck” feeling.

Good Communication Increases Employee Participation

By communicating with employees, you encourage employees to communicate with you and with their colleagues and coworkers.

They will sense that the company encourages and promotes an environment of growth and honesty.

Employee honesty and communication is paramount in identifying issues or to see what is working correctly.

In addition, employee communication can lead to new paths and avenues for a company.

By creating and encouraging an environment of communication, you effectively bring together the entire workforce for a common cause.

Good Communication=Happy Clients

Employees who know how to communicate effectively can lead to happier and more satisfied clients.

No longer will you have to worry about misunderstandings or miscommunications occurring.

An employee trained on effective communication techniques will also be able to better resolve and mitigate conflict.

They’ll better understand the needs of the client and can work on satisfying those needs and they can help the client feel understood in times of frustration.

Good Communication Creates Better Managers

Communication is a funnel.

If it is effective from the top, it should trickle downwards.

Having managers who can communicate effectively will help them to better manage their teams and direct reports.

They will be more likely to delegate as needed and motivate their team to push through together.

In addition, managers who can effectively communicate will be in a better position to encourage and promote internal collaboration methods.

They will be able to bring their team together for a common purpose and keep them satisfied and motivated throughout.

Now What?

Communication is integral to the success of every company.

Not only does it help with conflict resolution, but it encourages collaboration and culture.

If used effectively, it can bring team’s together for a common purpose and employees together for a larger goal.

Communication is a necessary skill and one that all employers look for in new hires.

Communication starts from the top and should trickle down, creating an atmosphere of honesty and openness.

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