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We are delighted to share our top picks for Series 7 study materials.

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In this article, we’ll discuss the best Series 7 study materials.

Here are the prep course providers we’ll shed light on:

Security Training Corporation
Securities Institute of America
Kaplan Financial Education

Let’s start with STC.

Security Training Corporation (STC)The Best CFA Exam Study Materials

STC is one of the industry leaders in the securities exam prep industry.

The organization was one of the first FINRA exams prep course providers when securities exams were introduced in 1969.

STC has a long track record in FINRA test prep materials.

It’s known for providing high-quality exam prep courses, and its Series 7 study materials are no exception.

Series 7 exam prep materials range from individual courses to bundled options at different price points.

In partnership with John Wiley and Sons, STC provides three bundle options for Series 7 exam prep; Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus.

The study packages get better with each tier.

The Series 7 exam Standard Plan goes for $235.13.

This plan has several study materials, including:

  • Access to instructor hotline
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Crunch time facts
  • Online study manual
  • Free course update
  • Final exam

This plan is affordable.

However, its main downside is that the study resources are limited.

There are no live classes.

The Standard Package is ideal for test-takers who prefer self-study.

Tier two, the Premier Package, costs $412.78.

On top of the study materials in the Standard Package, you’ll also have access to:

  • On-demand lectures
  • STC pass guarantee
  • Progress exam
  • Flashcards
  • Greenlight exam

The one thing we liked about this plan is that the flashcards can be organized by Series 7 content chapters or the exam sections.

Exam takers can better focus on their areas of weakness.

The last tier is the Premier Plus, which goes for $496.83

With this package, you’ll have access to the best study resources.

Apart from the study materials in tiers one and two, you’ll also get:

  • Weekly, instructor-led Q & A sessions
  • Live or virtual in-person classes

Suppose the bundled plans are beyond your budget.

You can opt for individual courses.

You can purchase on-demand lectures at $151.53.

Flashcards go for $67.93, and a virtual class webinar is $365.75, etc.

Visit the STC website for a list of the individual courses.

We particularly found the “Custom Exam” excellent.

This feature allows candidates to take customized practice exams on the specific topics they are weak in.

Learners can even choose the number of questions to include in the exam.

The enrollment for all three study packages is valid for six months.


  • STC has a pass rate of 95%. One of the highest among the Series 7 prep course providers.
  • You have access to flashcards and printed study manuals you can use for offline studies.
  • The “My Score” feature allows tracking your progress in the practice exams.


  • While the Premier and Premier Plus packages have a pass guarantee, STC terms and conditions state that the organization doesn’t guarantee you’ll pass the FINRA Series 7 exam.
  • The practice questions are limited.
  • The PDF exam review book is complex, making it difficult to understand.

STC provides the best value for Series 7 exam test-takers.

KnopmanmarksThe Best CFA Exam Study Materials

Knopmanmarks has a passing rate of 99%, the highest among the Series 7 prep course providers.

It’s reputable for developing high-quality exam prep materials.

Its Series 7 course is as comprehensive as they come, although they only have one study package.

Knopmanmarks compensates for its limited course options by providing extensive easy-to-follow study tools for the best user experience.

Its only study package has several materials, including:

  • Access to Knopmanmarks training center
  • Physical textbook and ebook
  • Benchmark and diagnostic exams
  • 15+ hours of video lectures
  • Client success team support
  • Digital flashcards
  • Online question bank from Kaplan
  • Download supplements
  • iOS mobile app to study offline

The plan also comes with email updates from instructors to motivate you.

They also give tips to make the most of your study time and prepare for the Series 7 exam date.

Further, you’ll have an action plan to guide your studies.

What stood out about Knopmanmarks Series 7 study package is the online training center.

The online training center is a hub of study resources.

You’ll have access to the Series 7 study guide, video lectures, and more.

Another amazing feature is the mobile app that allows exam takers to study offline.

This plan goes for $400.

Knopmanmarks also give candidates several add-on materials at an additional price of $225.

The add-on study materials include:

  • Group onboarding call
  • Review sessions that involve an hour of live Q&A sessions
  • Blended classes that are scheduled at least once a month
  • Live-streamed traditional faculty-led classes

Knopmanmarks have all the materials learners need to prepare for the Series 7 exam.

Also, the organization offers live instruction that most test-takers find incredibly helpful.

The only thing we didn’t like about the live instruction is that it comes at an additional cost.

On the bright side, you can test drive before you purchase the Knopmanmarks Series 7 licensing exam materials.

If you don’t like the materials, you don’t have to purchase them.


  • The add-ons, also known as All Access Pass, come with virtual live classes.
  • It has the highest pass rate.
  • The iOS mobile app makes learning a breeze even without the internet.
  • Personalized instructor support if you need guidance
  • The study package features are comprehensive.


  • As mentioned, Knopmanmarks only has one study package
  • There’s no pass guarantee
  • The question banks and textbooks are from Kaplan Financial

knopmanmarks ranks top of our list for its exceptional user experience.

AchievableThe Best CFA Exam Study Materials

Achievable is perhaps the most affordable Series 7 prep course provider.

It’s also the most recent provider compared to the other providers in this article.

It has an excellent reputation in the financial securities industry, as many financial institutions enroll their employees in prep courses.

You can be sure you’ll get the knowledge you need for the top-off exam and practical work in the field.

The Achievable general securities representative course costs $149.

The self-study package comprises:

  • 25+ full-length Series 7 practice exam
  • 3,700+ Series 7 practice questions
  • 1,700+ end-of-chapter review questions
  • An ebook

Achievable has an interactive platform with a responsive user interface that makes learning a breeze.

The adaptive learning platform tracks your mastery of the Series 7 course learning objectives and adjusts the review questions to match the areas you need more practice in.

The advanced personalization makes Achievable an excellent Series 7 program where you learn exactly what you need to when you need to learn it.

Another impressive feature is that test-takers can access the study materials on mobile, tablet, and computer.

If you want to, there’s an option to hire a Series 7 tutor separately for around $99 per hour.

You get a discount if you purchase 10-15 hours.

Achievable allows learners to test drive.

If you are unsure about buying their prep course materials, you can create an account for free and review the sample content.

You’ll have access to their textbook and free Series 7 practice exam.

Suppose you are impressed.

You can purchase the study package.

You’ll simply continue with your studies where you left.

With Achievable, you have one year access to the study materials.


  • Achievable boost a pass rate of 98%.
  • The study plan is affordable
  • You have access to free sample materials before purchasing the study package.
  • There’s a pass guarantee
  • Adoptive learning enhances studying for Series 7


  • Achievable focuses on self-study content only. There’s no virtual learning.
  • The study package is limited. There’s only one.
  • Instructor support is also limited.

Apart from its excellent mobile learning experience, Achievable is the most affordable Series 7 prep course provider.

The Securities Institute of America

The Securities Institute of America is in partnership with John Wiley and Sons.

The Series 7 materials by SIA are reasonably priced.

Its most priced package goes for $289.

And there are three packages in total.

SIA allows you to purchase the bundled option or individual study material.

The most affordable SIA package is the Series 7 Complete Video Package for $149.

This plan has:

  • 2,200 test bank questions
  • Series 7 exam prep textbook and ebook
  • 20hours-25 hours of video lectures
  • Greenlight guarantee
  • 180 days’ access to the materials

The second option is the Series 7 exam textbook and exam prep software.

This option costs $194.95.

With this plan, you’ll have access to:

  • Textbook
  • Exam prep software
  • pass guarantee
  • 2,200 Series 7 practice questions
  • Shipping fee

The last study package costs $289.

  • ebook and textbook
  • 2,200 test bank
  • 15 ways to customize the practice exams
  • 20-25 videos training class
  • Checkpoint and green light exam
  • Cheat sheet
  • Shipping fee

All the plans offer phone support, live chat, and an option to hire a tutor at an additional fee.


  • The exam prep software is an excellent tool for Series 7 practice tests.
  • There’s also a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the actual exam after taking and passing the green light exam five days before the exam.
  • All three study packages are reasonably priced.
  • Phone support and live chat


  • You only get the pass guarantee if you purchase the bundled packages, not individual materials.
  • There are no live video lectures.

The Securities Institute of America offers the best self-paced Series 7 studying packages.


ExamFX is yet another excellent option when preparing for the Series 7 exam.

It provides great study resources using leading-edge technology that allows for interactive learning.

All three packages are reasonably priced and have the resources you need to succeed in the licensing exam.

The basic plan, the Self-Study Package, costs $149.98.

This plan gives you access to:

  • Online exam simulation
  • Readiness exam
  • Instructor support
  • Interactive learning portal

The second plan is the Video Study Package, which costs $199.95.

In this package, you have everything in the first plan, plus Series 7 flashcards and on-demand video lectures.

And finally, the last plan.

The Premium Package adds live-online training to the materials you’ll get in the first two packages.

The training runs for two days.

This package is $249.95.

Digital flashcards are an excellent way to study, and the fact they are missing in the ExamFX primary package is disheartening.

What blew our minds about ExamFX is the array of study resources you can purchase individually.

You can buy the study guide, flashcards, on-demand video lectures, tip sheets, and live online training.

This makes it easier for learners not interested in the bundled products.


  • There are add-on study tools you can get at an additional cost.
  • The premium package extra perk offers great value
  • There’s a first-time pass guarantee.
  • You’ll have access to an audio lecture, which you can listen to when doing something else.
  • The three packages are reasonably priced.


  • No flashcards in the primary package. ExamFX will be even greater if it adds flashcards to the Self-Study Package.
  • Access to the study packages is limited to 90 days, which is too short compared to the access duration for other providers.

ExamFX Series 7 online course provides excellent preparation for the Series 7 exam.

It offers the most comprehensive study packages across all three tiers.

Kaplan Financial Education

Kaplan Financial Education provides great resources to prepare for the Series 7 test.

Kaplan has three packages, each with several helpful resources.

Apart from providing value, the study resources are also reasonably priced.

With a passing rate of 85%, here is what you stand to gain in Kaplan’s Series 7 prep course packages.

The Basic Self-Study Package comes with five study tools.

Here are the tools.

  • License Exam Manual (LEM)
  • Practice exam
  • Exam tips and content update
  • SecuritiesPro QBank
  • Study calendar
  • Performance tracker

This package is $139.

The second plan, the Essential Self-Study Package, costs $189.

Here you’ll get:

  • Video Library
  • Midterm exam
  • Checkpoint exam on top of the resources in tier one.

The first two study packages are excellent.

The only thing we didn’t like is that if you want the audiobook of the LEM, you must part with an additional $65.

The last plan has two options: Premium Instruction Live Online and Premium Instruction OnDemand Packages.

The two packages are priced differently.

The Premium Instruction Live Online package includes 10 study materials and live online classes.

This one is $309.

The Premium Instruction OnDemand Package is $279 and comes with 10 study tools and an on-demand class.

The ten study materials include the resources in the first two packages, plus class notes, InstructorLink, and a mastery exam.

Learners can also purchase the Series 7 securities quicksheet for $19.

Kaplan has been in the industry for more than five decades.

That means their products have been tried and tested for the best results.


  • The Premier Package comes with class notes.
  • The question bank has dozens of series 7 sample questions.
  • The SecuritiesPro question bank is downloadable. So, you can study offline.
  • The study packages are comprehensive.


  • Provide a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied. The only downside is that the administrative fee will be deducted.
  • There’s no pass guarantee.
  • Instructor support is only available for the Premier Package. Even worse, it takes two business days to get a response.
  • Kaplan doesn’t have a mobile app.

You can access the study materials for five months.

If you need an extension, you can purchase an additional five months for $49.

Kaplan Financial Education provides the best variety of resources for studying for the Series 7 exam.


Passing the Series 7 exam on the first attempt is not a walk in the park.

You need to study to get a passing score of 72%.

The Series 7 study materials discussed will help you adequately prepare for the exam questions.

So, meticulously go through the options available to find the prep course that best fits.

We wish you the best of luck!

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