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In this article, we give you access to five full-length free Series 7 practice exams.

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In total, you’ll have 900 practice questions.

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Series 7 Practice Exam

The practice exams simulate the structure and format of the actual exam.

You’ll test your understanding and have a feel of how the actual exam is structured.

Our goal is to help you find out your areas of weakness and strengths using the practice exams.

We’ve also put together Series 7 practice questions by domain.

Once you’ve established where you need to put more effort, you can take the practice tests in the individual domains to polish your knowledge.

Series 7 Practice Exam 1

Welcome to your Series 7 Practice Exam 1

This test is designed to prepare you mentally for the actual Series 7 Exam with the same number of (125 questions) and the same time allowed (225 minutes) as the actual exam.

The Series 7 Exam is breakdown into four (4) Parts.

Here are the Four (4) Domains of the Series 7 Exam with the weightage and number of questions in this practice exam:

1. Seeks Business for the Broker Dealer from Customers and Potential Customers [09 Questions] - 07%

2. Opens Accounts after Obtaining and Evaluating Customers' Financial Profile and Investment Objectives [11 Questions] - 09%

3. Provides Customers with Information about Investments, Makes Recommendations, Transfers Assets and Maintains Appropriate Records [91 Questions] - 73%

4. Obtains and Verifies Customers’ Purchase and Sales Instructions and Agreements; Processes, Completes, and Confirms Transactions [14 Questions] - 11%

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Series 7 Practice Exam 2