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How to Make the Most of the Series 7 Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet concentrates all the important information you need to know in one central place.

In this case, the Series 7 exam cheat sheet contains crucial information you must learn for the exam.

This study resource is one of the several Series 7 study materials that should be in your study tool kit.

The cheat sheet allows you to refresh your memory and keep tabs on all the key areas you need to learn and understand.

You can have it on the go to review definitions, key equations and formulas, and concepts.

Since the cheat sheet contains only the important information, it saves you time as you don’t need to review your Series 7 exam prep course textbook whenever you want to confirm concepts.

You can clarify data, figures, and facts without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, you can use the cheat sheet with the Series 7 study guide, Series 7 flashcards, and Series 7 practice exam.

Our Series 7 study series has all these resources.

Using our Series 7 study plan, you’ll find it easy to have study time for each of these resources.

You can review the Series 7 exam study guide alongside the cheat sheet.

But ensure you have a specific time in your series 7 study time to only go through the cheat sheet.

Again, the cheat sheet will come in handy after taking practice exams.

You can add notes about the critical information you discovered during the test or simply use it to clear up any confusion.

What’s more, you can take your Series 7 exam preparation a notch higher by creating a dump sheet for the information you will likely forget.

Memorize the information close to the exam date and pour this information on the scratch paper provided in the exam room immediately after the exam begins.


You can never go wrong with the Series 7 cheat sheet when preparing for the actual exam.

A cheat sheet compresses key concepts likely to come in the exam.

It’s easy to review the important information without perusing the study materials from back to back.

Again, you can use it with other Series 7 exam study materials, such as practice tests and flashcards.

A great cheat sheet can become a study guide as the exam gets closer.

So, make the most of your Series 7 exam cheat sheet.

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