When and When Not to Use Email

Email is one of the oldest forms of communication on the internet. Originally developed in the early 1960s, email has evolved and is now one of the most common forms of communication, particularly for corporate workforces and employees. However, it is important to understand when, and when not, to use email as your main form … Read more

Keeping Good Hygiene at Work

Keeping Good Hygiene at Work While a seemingly odd topic, we have been inundated in recent days, particularly with the recent pandemic concerning the coronavirus, on keeping good hygiene at work. The below is the ultimate guide for both employers and employees on how to keep good hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace. When it … Read more

How to Ace Your End-of-Year Review

How to Ace Your End-of-Year Review End-of-year reviews can be a stressful circumstance. While you may believe that your work and performance were phenomenal, you may be unsure if your manager feels the same way. And while it may seem too late to make any significant changes, there are certain ways on how to ace … Read more

Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee

Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee Some days of the work week can feel like a case of the Monday’s. Whether you just got too little sleep watching the latest show or were up late catching the game, we’re going to help you in staying awake at work without coffee. While coffee has a plethora … Read more

Elevator Pitch for Students

Elevator Pitch for Students Introducing yourself appropriately and in a pleasant manner can set the stage for professional conversations. Whether those conversations occur at a networking event, at an interview, or with a colleague, it is important to be able to always present yourself in the best light. One of the most popular means of … Read more

Learn How to Pronounce Someone's Name

Learn How to Pronounce Someone’s Name Communication, and effective communication, is key to any well-oiled machine and corporate department. However, effective communication begins with learning how to pronounce someone’s name correctly. Your coworkers and colleagues, whether internal or external, are individuals that you interact with on a daily basis. Knowing how to pronounce a colleague’s … Read more

How to Start an Email to a Stranger

How to Start an Email to a Stranger Email has become the modern, most popular, and most pervasive method of communication in the office. However, sometimes you will need to email someone you do not know. Whether they are an internal colleague, a client, or a vendor, emailing someone you don’t know, or a stranger, … Read more

Top 6 Best Work Jeans

Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of anyone’s wardrobe. A good pair of jeans are not only comfortable, but also durable and rugged. With many companies eschewing formal business wear for a more relaxed working environment, jeans have made a resurgence in corporate America. The top 6 best work jeans are one’s that … Read more

How to Clean a Suit

How To Clean A Suit A suit is one of the most important wardrobe pieces. It is a timeless piece of fashion and exudes confidence, professionalism, and maturity. While many companies are beginning to shift towards a more relaxed and casual dress environment, there are some notable exceptions, especially in the banking, consulting, and financial … Read more

older man with a long white beard wearing a suit

Are beards professional? What is a professional beard length? Most men wonder this exact question when they reach for their razors in the morning. I mean, do I really have to shave again? The common thinking in the past has always been that a professional appearance is one with a clean, shaved looked. That is, … Read more