What is a Senior Title?

Many large organizations employ differing layers of management and seniority titles. This is done to create a coherent sense of organizational hierarchy, with clear set roles and responsibilities. Many users and readers often wonder and ask, “what is a senior title?” In the simplest sense, a senior title is used to denote a role and … Read more

Definitive Guide to the Two-Week Notice

Definitive Guide to the Two-Week Notice The two-week notice has become a standard for most corporate and retail jobs. Though not a requirement, it is generally preferred as a way to give notice to your employer and allow for a transitionary period. Giving your two-week notice can be a nerve-wracking situation and one that is … Read more

Network with Alumni on LinkedIn

Network with Alumni on LinkedIn One of the most surefire ways to help your application get seen, is by knowing someone inside the organization that can refer you. This connection can help you to ensure that your application lands in front of the decision makers and is not lost in the pile. With nearly 52-people … Read more

Email Examples Asking to Work from Home

Email Examples Asking to Work from Home Although you may not be in a full-time work from home situation, more and more companies and business are allowing their employees the option to work from home on an as needed basis. This flexibility can be especially useful when you’re feeling under the weather or have a … Read more

Millennial Career Coach

Millennial Career Coach The relationship between employer and employee is rapidly changing. More and more, employers expect their employees to have certain life skills which can enhance and benefit their careers. While not completely unreasonable, it is oftentimes difficult to gain these skills without prior mentorship or coaching. This is where a millennial career coach … Read more

Negotiating a Raise After a Promotion

Negotiating a Raise After a Promotion Negotiating a raise after a promotion is generally more difficult than doing so during the promotion process. Typically, many managers and employers will look to handle salary negotiations and increases in designated timeframes throughout the year. However, if you’ve taken a recent promotion and find that your new salary … Read more

The Best Promotion Letter Sample

The Best Promotion Letter Sample For many people, getting promoted to a more senior or managerial level is the ultimate goal. However, achieving that goal may be more difficult than originally anticipated. If you feel that you have put in adequate effort, work, and commitment into getting promoted, you may need to begin taking things … Read more

Best Career Coaches in Your City

Best Career Coaches in Your City Career coaches have become more and more common in recent years. Career coaches are professionals whom have direct industry related experience in your field. They have learned the ins and outs of their specific industry and are able to impart that knowledge to their clients. The best career coaches … Read more

What to Know When Suing Your Employer

What to Know When Suing Your Employer Experiencing harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or an injury on the job may force you to seek outside legal assistance and action. Though it may be difficult to decide to sue a former employer, sometimes you may be forced to due to egregious negligence or as a possible form … Read more

Emailing Your Resume

Emailing Your Resume For each job position an employer posts on their website, there are nearly 52 candidates that apply. From these 52, only a handful are selected to come in for an in-person interview. Typically, only one successful candidate will land the position and receive an offer of employment. The job application process has … Read more