Bad Work History on Your Resume 2023

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Bad Work History On Your Resume? Having a bad work history or one that is “checkered” with multiple part-time or contract roles can make for landing a job interview all the more difficult. The problem is, recruiters and hiring managers want to see a level of dependability when evaluating a potential candidate. And though you … Read more

Exclude Education from Your Resume 2023

exclude education from resume

Exclude Education From Your Resume? Including your education on your resume is not a necessity. There are a plethora of reasons why you may want to exclude some of your education from your resume. While we definitely recommend including your education on your resume, certain scenarios may make it more appealing to leave off. We’ve … Read more

What do Recruiters Look for in a Resume 2023

Recruiters look for in a resume

What Do Recruiters Look For In A Resume? Recruiters looking at a resume on the first glance spend an average of just 6-seconds on each application. What you read is correct, just a mere 6-seconds is spent on each resume that a recruiter opens and looks through. Recruiters, especially at bigger, more well-known companies, receive … Read more

5 Resume Tips for Students 2023

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5 Resume Tips for Students Resume tips for college and high school students are pretty straightforward. You should focus on what you’re good at. Don’t lie about your abilities or skills. You’ll learn those on the job. Working on your resume can be a daunting task for just about anyone. But let’s face it, it’s … Read more

Yes, You Should Hire a Resume Writer 2023

reasons why you should hire a resume writer

Let’s face it, your resume is the single most important piece of document in the application process. Your application and career trajectory live and die dependent on how well-crafted your resume is and taking all necessary steps to not only stand out is a must. You should absolutely hire a resume writer if you are … Read more

20 Things to Never Put On Resume 2023

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There are 20 things that you should never put on your resume. A resume is meant to be your best, first-impression and you should only include the most important and pertinent information. When writing your resume, be sure to remove anything that is unnecessary or unneeded. This will help you to conform to the one-page … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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