You Don’t Have Enough Experience Oftentimes, when searching for a career or an entry-level position, you may find yourself in a catch-22 situation. The position may be entry-level but may still require a certain amount of years of experience. You may be wondering and asking yourself, how am I supposed to get experience, when the … Read more

Many large and small employers utilize background checks to verify a candidate’s claims and to confirm that they do not have any outstanding warrants to legal troubles. However, a common refrain we hear from candidates is that they are not given proper notice on whether or not they passed their background check. Background checks have … Read more

Nowadays, corporate offices are littered with computers, laptops, tablets, and a slew of other electronic devices. We rely on technology more and more with each passing day, and it’s never been more critical to list essential computer skills on your resume than it is right now. That goes for whether you’re applying for your umpteenth … Read more

What is Dean’s List? Making the Dean’s List is no easy feat. Although commonly used in colleges and universities in North America, the Dean’s List has been known to be utilized throughout Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. If you’ve been awarded a Dean’s List, you should list that accomplishment on your resume under … Read more

Your resume is a living, breathing document that should be constantly updated and customized. As your resume is your best bet to landing a job interview, you’ll want to ensure that your resume is perfected and contains all relevant and pertinent information. However, if you attended a college or university but did not graduate with … Read more

Microsoft introduced their Office Suite of products on November 19, 1990, forever changing how career professionals, students, and individuals completed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on their computers. And though we have seen rapid technological changes over the past few years, Microsoft Office Suite continues to remain one of the best and most sought after skills. … Read more

While the majority of consumers are gravitating towards the use of credit and debit cards for their purchases, nearly 10% of Americans indicate that they continue to use cash. Cash will remain a main source of payment, especially in the food, construction, and retail sectors. Moreover, cash handling experience is paramount in the financial and banking … Read more

Cover Letter Font Size Cover letters are an integral piece of the application process. They are meant to be a complement to your resume but should not copy the same format or style. Rather, cover letters are meant to allow you to speak to narrowly on your specific experiences and how those skills can be transferrable to … Read more

We get asked by a number of individuals each week whether or not they should list their self-employed experience on their resume. In short, yes, you should absolutely list your self-employed experience on your resume. However, doing so may be a bit more difficult, which is why we’re going to discuss how to list self-employed … Read more

Does GPA Matter After School? As more-and-more students begin to transition from their undergraduate and graduate classes into the workforce, the question of whether or not GPA matters begins to hang over their head. A student’s grade point average or GPA is the leading indicator on a student’s academic proficiency and capabilities. It can determine … Read more