Tips for Starting your Career 2023

So, you’re about to join the corporate world! Congratulations are definitely in order. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and are probably excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead (and that paycheck!). But all employees, no matter their position, are looking for advice when starting their career. The first couple of years in … Read more

How to Decline a Work Event 2023

Work events are inevitable. But learning how to professionally decline a work event is one of the most needed skills you can have. You will need to decline professionally and will need to be able to communicate why you won’t be able to attend. I remember when I first started my career I would always … Read more

Negotiating Salary: Guide and Top Tips 2023

Salary negotiations are perhaps the single most difficult discussion between an individual and their employer. Let’s face it, it’s a tad bit awkward, you may be unsure of yourself, and what if it the conversation doesn’t go smoothly? Well, we’re going to show you the easy way to negotiate your salary. We’re here to let … Read more

1 on 1 Meeting with your Manager: Top Tips to Navigate 2023

One-on-one meetings with your manager typically occur on a weekly basis. Ensuring that you have a great 1×1 with your manager weekly takes time and effort from both sides. Ah, the (oftentimes dreaded) reoccurring meeting with your manager. Every employee knows that these meetings are the best way to showcase what you’ve been working on and keep … Read more

How to Write Effective Business Emails 2023

Let’s all agree, most emails sent are not effective. These ineffective emails not only cost time and money, but also delay the completion of certain tasks and projects. We’re going to provide an in-depth guide to writing business emails. The make-or-break for so many people’s careers is their ability to write coherent, proper, and professional … Read more

Guide to be a Good People Manager 2023

What is a People Manager? People managers have a more specialized role in companies. They are tasked with working directly with employees to assist them in their career growth. As businesses have evolved and transformed through the 20th and 21st centuries, the role of a manager has morphed and become more focused as-well. Not only … Read more

Tips to be a Good Employee 2023

We’re pretty much all looking for additional ways to be the absolute best employee we can be. Let’s face it, that’s a great way to climb the career ladder. Being a good employee isn’t something that can be taught at school, however – and it isn’t always easy to convey on a resume either. How … Read more

How Career Employer Collects Its Data

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